Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sexuality: 10 Hot Foreplay Moves To Give Your Husband Tonight!

Ever wondered if his ex knew some moves between the sheets that he loved and you are unaware of? You’ve tried different moves to make him happy; if only he would fess up about what he really likes or his kinky fetishes. So obsessing already! We’re about to give you the hottest foreplay moves your man secretly craves for.

1. Use your hands: Men love it when you go down on them. But why not use your hands too when you are giving them head? During oral s*x, make use of your hands and touch your man at all his sensitive parts. See him go crazy.

2. Secret zone: Men have many sensitive points we women are absolutely unaware of. So spend a night just exploring your man’s body. Kiss him everywhere and see what drives him wild. Some common parts are the inner thighs and earlobes which are very sensitive and will get him aroused instantly.

3. Lunchtime foreplay: Foreplay doesn’t have to start just before s*x. Start it hours earlier. If you plan to make crazy love to your man post dinner, start the foreplay from lunchtime. Send him dirty pictures and texts and he will be a bundle of s*xual energy the whole day. The moment he sets eyes on you, he’s going to devour you.

4. Tie ’em up: Men don’t say it enough, but they love to be tied too. Tie him up and spend all your time loving him. Imagine trying different things on him while he can’t do a thing. Sounds like fun, huh?

5. Bath time: Amazing bath salts, sweet smelling candles, bath oils and bubbles… sounds very girly, right? Well, men are a little ashamed to accept the fact that they love all of these things. Surprise him with a bath and join him to steam things up.

6. Nip it up: Many men claim that their bosoms don’t have any feeling. Well, they lie or haven’t exactly explored that area yet. Their bosoms work just like ours, ladies. Get to work and play around. Experiment with kissing, licking, tugging and even biting. Something is bound to work. ;-)

7. Teach them: Men love to watch women touch themselves. It gives them pleasure and at the same time teaches them what we women actually want from them. So put on a show for him. Let him watch you touch yourself. He will be aroused and at the same time know which moves pleasure you down there. Win win!

8. Tongue twisters: A perfect woman knows how to use her tongue in every possible way, in and out of the bedroom. :-P Lick his sensitive areas and his erogenous zones to drive his crazy. If you don’t suffer from gag reflex then use your tongue to lick the tip of his member and give him a night to remember.

9. Lube em: Tried lube? Not only does it make everything smoother, it also helps increase the temperature in the bedroom. Put it on his member and also around your area. The applying part alone will be crazy sensual.

10. P0*n star: Men love P0*n and even if they don’t admit it, they’d love for you to be just as flexible as those P0*n stars. Get your hands on How to Be a P0*n Star For Dummies and get shopping for some dirty lingerie. Give him a night to remember by going down on him wearing sexy lingerie or even putting up a dirty show for him.

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