Friday, October 24, 2014

REVEALED: 4 Benefits Of Sex For Men

Sex has health benefits... (Health Me Up)

Beyond the pleasures of making love, there are also health benefits...

Sex is not just fun...

Beyond the pleasure of that intimate connection with another human body, there are health rewards.

Here are four of the benefits of sex for men:

Sex helps you fight prostate cancer. A man who does not have sex is more at risk of prostate cancer than the man who does because, during sex, and subsequent ejaculation an potential cancerous growth is flushed out. Regular sex therefore lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

Sex keeps you fit. Having sex is just like exercising, increase metabolism and thereby helping you lose weight. Sex burns fat and flexes the muscles, shaping and strengthening them in the process.

Sex helps you sleep. Enduring insomnia or tossing up and down in bed at night? You need sex because reaching orgasm releases certain hormones, which will relax you and set you up for sleep. So, skip the sleeping pills and try this natural remedy.

Sex slows down the ageing process: Lack of growth hormones increases your chances of developing wrinkles. Sex accomplishes this deficit, as sexual intercourse releases hormones, which increase human growth hormones that slows down ageing.

So guys, get your groove on and keep hitting the spot... Gracias

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