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NATIONAL CAKE! 20 Men Who Have Dated And Dumped Actress Stella Damasus!

In all fairness, actress and mother of two, Isabella and Angelica is sumptuously beautiful, smashing, sassy, swerving and no doubt endowed with all the physical assets that could simply pass as collateral for a billion dollar loan. She wears an innocent look that makes you think she can't hurt a fly and it has won her more and more admirers.

However, those who know her too well seem to have a different notion of the Delta State born thespian. One of them said, 'that thing between her thighs is always itching her'. Whatever that means, I don't know.  Some even say she loves to go down low with anything in trousers and does it as if it's going out of fashion. However the case maybe, some busy body olofofos gave me the run-down of all the men the actresses has had dealings with, romantically, so I decided to x-ray  them in your favourite Gist Hangout hoping it will make an interesting read or don't you think so too? Whether or not, just please read on since you are here already…

RMD: Stella Damsus's Romance with thespian and now Commissioner for Environment, Delta state, Richard Mofe-Damijo started a long, long time ago, at Stella's early age (na so dem talk am). Although RMD like he is famously addressed denied ever dating the actress amidst rumours that he actually was the first man in her life, I mean the man to whom she lost her virginity. Checks by this news portal reveal that RMD actually brought her into the movie industry called Nollywood, thus the reason he had an upper hand above other men. Some sources even maintained that till date, Stella will still freely give RMD a piece of the cake, if he asks for it.

Ramson Nuoah: Ramson Tokunbo Nuoah, Nollywood's finest in the men category, can easily sweep any lady off her feet, especially those who have preferences for handsome guys. According to sources, the Nollywood fine and bad boy also had a piece of the cake at one time. According to them, he did it with her over and over, until he planted a seed. The seed I also heard, shares resemblance with the planter.

Aquila Njamah:  Those who know him well, say Aquila is the real man!.  According to them, Tall, Short, Fat or slim, Aquila had had them all. He has had his fair share of Nollywood actresses and checks also revealed that if Stella is a 'National Cake' he also had a share of it (you know what I mean). Aquila, creative charismatic and good looking was at one time one of the hottest movie directors in Nollywood. His relationship with Stella started out at a movie location and for as long as it lasted, he was 'going in and out of the place' and shortly after waved goodbye. Even if the relationship did not last for long, his name appeared in the register of those who once did it with Stella Damasus.

Lanre Nzeribe:  Society big boy, Lanre Nzeribe is a notorious-serial lover boy. In fact his name tops the list of guys who have dated a large number of thespians, society older ladies inclusive. Friends describe him as the cat, he narrows his target from afar and, straight, he goes out for it. Lanre allegedly made his money from dating top rated society ladies who in return pay him with mouth watering contracts. According to what we were told, his long list of women won't be complete without Stella Damasus' name occupying a strategic position. But like his counterpart, Aquila, he went in and came out almost immediately for reasons best known to him and him alone.

Taiwo Afolabi: Millionare Taiwo Afolabi, the CEO of Sifax Group of Companies, also registered his name in the book of men Stella Damasus had, had it with. In his case we learned he got his visa to the actress' honey pot with so much money. Of course anyone who knows the Sifax boss knows that he spends so much money on those things on skirt and weavon. He loves them; he embraces them, he kisses them and gives them freely, both in cash and in kind. And actress Stella Damasus was among the beneficiaries of his benevolence.

Emeka Nzeribe: Actress, Stella Damasus is a warrior sha! Did I hear you just ask, why? Ok hold on, and get the gist. I was informed that ever since she became a public figure (since he joined Nollywood) there had never been a dull moment in her life. She goes in out of relationships in quick successions. Which explains why at each point in time there is one guy/man or the other who is at hand to scratch her back and make her feel warm when it's cold. And one of those who were a victim was Emeka Nzeribe, cousin to 'the cat' Lanre Nzeribe. Although it wasn't like it was pre-arranged like an insider explained, but the actress at one time had something with the businessman and just before one would say jack Robbinson, they got married with Emeka moving into her Lekki home. Like our fore fathers say, if make a jump without calculating, you end up finding yourself in a hot Okro Soup.

As expected, nine months after, their marriage crumbled like the walls of Jericho due to an alleged infidelity from Stella's end, although they tried to cover it up and the list continued.

Sammy Okposo: The Welu Welu master also ate from the 'forbidden fruit'. Sammie Okposo like his towns man, RMD sucked that mammary gland until it almost went dry.  At a time it was rumoured that they were at the verge of getting married which Sammie himself confirmed. According to those who know the both of them too well, Stella was so much in love with Sammie that she craves to always be in his arms. According to the amebos, one reason Stella cherishes Sammie so much is because, he gives her a head (this part shouldn't be difficult for women to understand). I mean, he s**ks her below like a child sucks ice cream (winks)…and as you know, 'women love men who does that to them' the insider gushed.   But it was unfortunate that they finally didn't settle down after all the adventures.

TIM GODFREY: It's a free world, one is free to do whatever he or she likes, but in certain occasions, if not checked it tends to backfire. Part of the untold reasons why Sammie Okposo dumped Stella Damasus like bad habit according to the source was that when he discovered that, while they were dating, Stella was simultaneously cutting shows at the back with Tim Godfrey who was at that time, Sammie Okposo's backup singer. When Sammie discovered what was going on, he allegedly walked out of the relationship without saying goodbye.  Recall that in an interview, Sammie Okposo once claimed that at the verge of marriage, he became afraid… Although he didn't explain what he meant, but some reports said he was actually afraid of Stella's promiscuity.  Be that as it may, the affair with Tim Godfrey like others did not work out.

The thing is, Stella Damaus is a 'free giver'. For as much as much as they were that asked, I was told she gave. To some, freely and to some, for a fee.

From Romeo to Femi Fani-Kayode an unrepentant womanizer to Lambogini who was initially her band member/voice trainer and eventually her bed warmer, to Mofe Duncan, to a certain hotelier in Victoria Island, to a titled chief in Imo state that almost got married to her, to a controversial  pastor, who is also a two time divorcee, among numerous others.

Right now she's enjoying in the arms of Daniel Adenimokan, who was once married to another actress, Doris Simeon. They were alleged to have engaged in a secret wedding and recently rumor rented the air that Stella was pregnant which she eventually debunked on her facebook account.

By now you must begin to ask about the remaining names…haba! You sef too like gossip…But I think you can make up the number by coming up with some more names?

But wait a minute, apart from the shine shine bobo face, a narrow road crossed by 20 different men with legs of different sizes, na wetin remain again? I no talks anything on o …screen fades in…END OF STORY!

Credit: EMAG

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