Sunday, October 26, 2014

BBA Hotshots: Samantha and Ma’m Bea in trouble

It seems the visit of Clint Brink to the Big Brother house has somehow set Samantha and Ma’m Bea on a collision course with Biggie. Earlier in the day yesterday, Clint took the housemates through a trust exercise during which he explained the need to listen and trust one another during performances and generally since they are in the same house. During the exercise, Clint had asked the housemates to get into pairs which took a bit of time to achieve clearly indicating that there were trust issues amongst the housemates. Sheillah had to partner with Clint due to the fact that there are 21 hotshots left in the house. Housemates were required to close their eyes and be led around by their partner.

Clint emphasized the importance of silence during the excercise and afterwards told the housemates that “trust requires reciprocation”. He went on to introduce a falling exercise, with the housemates having to fall backwards with their eyes closed into the waiting arms of their paired partners.

Clint also encouraged the housemates to share a secret with their partners. This perhaps is what necessitated Samantha to share a secret with Ma’m Bea which might put her into trouble with Biggie. It was evident that the lecture from Clint had touched the core of Samantha which perhaps made her forget the game rules. She went ahead to reveal her nominations for the week which is highly prohibited and punishable by Big Brother.

Samantha got personal and told Ma’m Bea that she had nominated her and Laveda saying she did so because she didn’t know them quite well. It is a wonder why she had paired with Ma’m Bea earlier during the trust exercise when she would later be told she would be a victim. Interestingly, Ma’m Bea also felt touched and followed suit by revealing one of her nominees. The petite Ghanaian revealed that she had nominated the Head of House – Nhlanhla. Samantha then went on to tell her that if Nhlanhla was not South African, she would have nominated him as well.

Meanwhile, it is worthy to note that during nominations, Biggie always makes it explicitly clear to all the housemates that it is against the game’s rules to reveal whoever each of them put up for eviction to anyone in the house. It would be interesting to know what will happen to these two housemates after breaking the rules.

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