Friday, October 24, 2014

AMAZING!!! 8 Things Women Wish Men Knew About Sex

Our guest writer Alexandria David tells you what a woman wants in bed (

Alexandria David, a sex therapist and should know what she is talking about.

I am sure you are going to enjoy her.

Sex isn't all that complicated. It is a biological urge and something we should all know how to do just by instinct, but any woman who has been with a man fumbling around to unhook her bra and appear so suave at the same time, also knows perfectly well that it isn't.

It seems a lifetime of porn and bad advice from older brothers and men talk has rendered men incapable of knowing what we like sexually. We ladies aren't doing ourselves any favors by being afraid to speak up. We actually know what we want and we need to let you guys know the things you do not do right.

We have a right to enjoy sex as much as you do; we need to get to that ultimate zone during sex and it is your duty to take us there.

So, for you poor guys who are still in the dark, here is a list of the 10 things we wish you guys knew about sex and about us.

Boobs: Yes, they are an attachment and they are pretty and cool, but much like your testicles, they ARE attached. There is no reason to push and pull and twist to prove anything. It is on our bodies and it hurts when you pull and tweak in the name of pleasuring us.

Use your tongue: Yes, why not? You expect us to go down on you and give you the best blow job you have ever received, so what is wrong in giving us the same? But you have to learn how to do it the right way. When you have your head in our nether regions, forget everything you learned in porn or what your friends told you. Sticking your face in and shaking like a wet dog is not hot. Repeat: NOT HOT.

Everything you have heard about women needing more than five seconds before you take the plunge is true. Hey bro, we are like a car's engine that needs to be lubricated well before it can work perfectly. It will do you no good to rub me in a few places and in five seconds, you expect me to be ready. Excuse? What planet are you from? Dude, our engines need revving. No woman will enjoy the wham-bam-thank-you-maam stuff many of you guys give us.

Hold the questions: There is nothing more annoying than being wracked in passion, you keep asking if a woman is coming or if she is enjoying the sex. If you are doing the right thing, there will be no need to ask her. And then, you will know if she is enjoying it or if she is coming. Yes, it could mean you are concerned about our pleasure but we will let you know exactly how we feel.

Lube it, love it: It doesn't mean you failed, but if you want to play around, use some lube to get things started. No, many women don't appreciate fingers being pushed into them at a rapid pace, aka 'finger banging', but they may try it with some lube. Without it? That would be painful man!

You aren't 15: Quit behaving like the teenager who is getting laid for the first time. You are a man and should behave like one. Sex is about two adults and not some childish stuff that should be trifled at. Yes, it's fun to laugh during sex, but we don't need to be exposed to you acting a fool. We graduated from high school for a reason.

Don't try to impress us: A woman can tell when you're trying to be smooth and it does not lie well with you. But do not do it for us. Focus that energy on doing what comes naturally.

Last long: Finally, there is no woman who loves the 2-minute man. In fact, that is an invitation to a no show the next time. What would it profit a woman for you to hump on her and just when she is getting round to the idea that a man is in her, you huff, grunt and roll aside. You will be a dog in a manger the next time you demand for a romp.

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